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When :

07 / 06 - New site online.
The "Torture the masses" Mcd is almost finished, soon to be released on Dark Daze productions, noise as hell, a mass of non-sense and inaudible sounds devoted to the below... The next production is a martial industrial concept called : "Machina P|r|ossession".

Why :

Facts about the sertraline crew. We might say that Z.L.T was created in the early 2K, but, in facts, it was always there, waiting to find a way to express the pain of a few tortured souls. No hold barred, here is the tag line for all who have decided to be a part of the Aeon Procession. Devotion to the almighty machine is imperative. Z.L.T was created in order to express all the possible ways to feel pain. The expressions of our art can be seen in multiple forms. The most common of them are "music" and "cover art". All your senses are a target for us, ear and view are just the beginning. Like a weaning, Z.L.T can be stopped at any time. But our fall wont be without victims.

What :

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